We were absolutely thrilled to buy the house at Coleridge St. Little did we know that this purchase would lead to a heartwarming and uplifting journey. The seller, although facing some challenges in his life, showed strength and resilience in changing things for the better. Despite the recent loss of his father and losing his job, he decided to take a positive step forward and sell his house.

Throughout the process, we supported him every step of the way. Despite a few setbacks with the will, we remained optimistic and were able to find solutions that would help him. Finally, we managed to close the deal, allowing our seller to have some relief.

It was rewarding to see how our purchase brought some relief for him. With the sale, he bought a new truck and an RV so he could begin turning his life around. Helping people in a time of need is why we do what we do.

Big thanks to Theresa Wernette and My Title Company of Texas, LLC for helping us get thru the probate issues.